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L’Oréal: Communiqué de presse: « Ventes du premier trimestre 2020 »

Commentant les chiffres, Jean-Paul Agon, Président Directeur Général de L’Oréal, a déclaré:

Dans une situation caractérisée par l’expansion de la pandémie Covid-19, qui est apparue pour la première fois en Chine et s’est propagée au reste du monde, la priorité numéro un de L’Oréal est d’assurer la protection de ses employés. Le Groupe a également adopté un grand nombre de mesures de solidarité pour ses clients et partenaires et accompagne les autorités de santé 3. « data-reactionid = » 22 « > »Dans une situation marquée par l’expansion de la pandémie de Covid-19, qui est apparue en Chine et s’est propagée au reste du monde, la priorité numéro un de L’Oréal est d’assurer la protection de ses employés. Le Groupe a également adopté un grand nombre de mesures de solidarité pour ses clients et partenaires et accompagne les autorités de santé 3.

Ventes trimestrielles évolution
Millions d’euros 1st trimestre 2019 1st Trimestre 2020 Comme à périmètre rapporté
Par division
Produits professionnels 835,3 751,1 -10,5% -10,1%
Produits de consommation 3,284.5 3,169.8 -3,6% -3,5%
L´Oréal Luxe 2,679.6 2,464.4 -9,3% -8,0%
Cosmétique active 751,0 839,9 + 13,2% + 11,8%
Total du groupe 7,550.5 7,225.2 -4,8% -4,3%
Par zone géographique
Europe occidentale 2,169.0 1,997.7 -7,7% -7,9%
Amérique du nord 1,895.5 1,847.2 -4,8% -2,5%
De nouveaux marchés, dont: 3,486.0 3,380.3 -2,9% -3,0%
– Asie Pacifique 2,398.0 2,337.2 -3,7% -2,5%
– Amérique latine 422,3 394,8 + 0,8% -6,5%
– Europe de l’Est 483,5 479,6 -1,4% -0,8%
– Afrique, Moyen-Orient 182,1 170,7 -5,6% -6,3%
Total du groupe 7,550.5 7,225.2 -4,8% -4,3%

In view of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, L’Oréal’s absolute priority is to protect the health of its employees worldwide, while also ensuring that the Group provides all its help and solidarity wherever possible. A number of measures have therefore been taken, related to health, salaries and economic matters.

  • All the L’Oréal group factories worldwide equipped with a certified unit for handling alcohol and flammable substances (28 out of 39 factories) are today being used to produce hand sanitiser gel in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia and Africa. In all, some 2,400 tonnes of gel, representing more than 14 million units, will be produced by the end of May 2020.
  • Moisturising hand creams have also been donated for the use of medical personnel.
  • L’Oréal has mobilised its operational infrastructures in France and China and placed them at the disposal of the French authorities for ordering large quantities of medical equipment, including hundreds of respirators and tens of millions of masks, which will be transported to France in accordance with the government’s instructions.
  • Numerous health initiatives have been set up in the countries where L’Oréal operates. In the United States, for example, the Group has donated more than one million dollars worth of hygiene and personal care products, and USD 250,000 to non-profit organisations providing emergency support across America to families suffering from financial or food insecurity. In Canada, L’Oréal has also made a donation totalling CAD 200,000, comprising both funding and hygiene products. In China, L’Oréal has donated RMB 5 million to the Chinese Red Cross for the purchase of emergency medical supplies.
  • L’Oréal maintains jobs and salaries for all L’Oréal employees worldwide.
  • In France, L’Oréal will not furlough employees between now and the end of June, even though in many fields of activity several categories of employees are at a partial or total standstill.
  • All over the world, L’Oréal has chosen to help its small professional clients and small perfumeries to defer the payment of their debts in light of cash flow difficulties they may be facing, until their activities recover. L’Oréal has shortened the delay of payments to its most seriously affected suppliers.
  • In France, the Group has given an undertaking that it will not postpone the payment of any social or tax charges (contributions, taxes, etc.) during this period.
  • To contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences for the most vulnerable members of society, the L’Oréal Foundation has decided to donate one million euros to associations, some of which are already partners in the Foundation’s programmes, working in France to combat deprivation. The L’Oréal Foundation will also provide support to Emergency and Banco Alimentare in Italy.

  • On 26 February, L’Oréal was recognised as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the ethical standards of business practices. This is the eleventh time that L’Oréal has achieved this recognition, underscoring its commitment to leading with integrity and prioritising ethical business practices.
  • On 17 March, the 2019 Universal Registration Document was registered with the French Market Authorities. The Universal Registration Document comprises the annual financial report, an integrated report, the reports from the Auditors and their fees, and the information required for the share buy-back programme.
  • On 30 March, the Board of Directors of L’Oréal held a meeting, and in view of exceptional circumstances linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting, initially scheduled for 21 April, to 30 June 2020. The Board of Directors will in due course determine the arrangements to be made for the holding of the Meeting, as well as for the dividend and its date of payment.
  • On 31 March, after obtaining the necessary authorisations from the relevant authorities, L’Oréal finalised the acquisition of the Mugler brands and Azzaro fragrances from Clarins Group, in accordance with the terms announced on 21 October 2019.
  • Switchboard: +33 1 47 56 70 00

    2019 2020
    First quarter 7,550.5 7,225.2
    Second quarter 7,261.0
    First half total 14,811.5
    Third quarter 7,182.8
    Nine months total 21,994.3
    Fourth quarter 7,879.3
    Full year total 29,873.6

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